Lindy Annis - ARCADIA
Lindy Annis - ARCADIA


Et in Arcadia ego / Je suis aussi en Arcadie / I am also in Arcadia

Premiere: December 2006
Tanznacht Berlin, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Length: 4 to 10 hours

Concept + Performance: Lindy Annis
Dramaturgie: Johann Barner
Consulting: Clemente Velasco

ARCADIA is an interactive performance and dance environment featuring the PlaySation 2–video game “Dancing Stage Max”.

Visitors are invited to enter a small tent filled with music and lights. One of the walls is filled with the larger-than-life projection of Sublime computer-animated figures dancing in rhythm to pop music. Arrows appear on the screen and the audience is challenged to join in the dance; testing their grace and skill in dancing-duel-duets.

A friendly hostess welcomes the visitors and helps them in this „dance karaoke“. On the floor are two interactive dance mats divided into nine fields. The goal is to follow the cues on the screen, stepping on the right fields in the right rhythm to earn points. The best dancer earns the most points and wins the game.

Presented with the generous support of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH.