Lindy Annis - SEX

Photo: C.B.C. Barner


A Radio-Play Performance
by Lindy Annis and Nicholas Bussmann

Showing: February 14, 2005, Hau 2, Berlin
40 Minutes in English.

Text: Lindy Annis
Music: Nicholas Bussmann

He says
She says
He says
She says
He says
She says
She says I thought I’d find you here.
He says it isn’t what you think it is.
She says I have two eyes and they see what they see. I have two eyes and they tell me what you don’t want me to believe.
He says your eyes don’t see everything there is to see. There is more to believe, believe me.
She says should I believe you who I have only known for five months and ten days more than I should believe my eyes who have been with me since I was born?
He says it’s true. I am here. I am here with her. I am here with her arms around my neck, with her lips on my mouth, with my shirt on the chair and my pants on the floor. I’m here with her slip in my hands, but it’s not what you think, believe me.