Just Thirteen

A play by Lindy Annis

Premier: October 10, 2018 11:00
BKA Theater, Berlin

A comedy in english about a difficult time of life.
Recommended for grades 6 – 8 or ages 11 – 14

The twins Katy and Tyler have just turned thirteen. They are finding out that life gets complicated when your body is changing, emotions are on a roller coaster and friends and family seem to be going crazy around you. Tyler is surprised that his gaming buddy would rather go out with a girl then play with him. Katy struggles with school work while trying to keep her relationship with her Best Friend Forever from becoming Big Finished Forever. Helpful talks with Mom and Dad only make things more worse. Katy would love to just disappear and wait for her thirteenth year to be over- but there are some things in life that you just have to get through.

performed by Charmaine Gorman, Olivia Dean and Benjamin Bishop
directed by Anja Scollin
stage Kerstin Junge
costumes Sebastian Ellrich
music Jeanette Hubert
light Joachim Hupfer

duration: 60 minutes