the feminine figures

The Body Archive

Every body has a history and a memory. Its remembrances do not disappear, rather they are collected and stored. „The Body Archive“ are two pieces about personal and cultural memory based on two bodies: the body of a woman and the body of a house.

the feminine figures: The Encyclopedia of Tragic Attitudes, part II

In 2002 Annis created the first part of her gestural collection in which Xavier Le Roy demonstrated 35 archaic positions of tragedy. Now, almost 10 years later, she continues her research – this time focusing exclusively on women – their emotion, their gestural expression, the remains of their figures in stone, clay and oil paint and how these images have been received through the centuries. Together with the dancer Joséphine Evrard, Lindy Annis explores iconographic body gestures in women since the antiquity and reveals their lingering presence and underlying pathos in today’s world.

concept / performance Lindy Annis dance Joséphine Evrard dramaturgy Antonia Baehr music composition Nicolas Bussmann sets / costumes Katja Wetzel

hospitance Lisa Schwalb, Anne Schuh production management Barbara Greiner/Katja Timmerberg

a production by lindy annis in collaboration with Sophiensæle. Funded by the Arts council, Berlin and the Funds of the Performing Arts, Germany. Supported by the Fabrik Potsdam / Tanzplan Potsdam artist in residency program.