Photos: Holgar Schnaars, Lindy Annis

Short Performances 1985 -1999

A memory archive which will grow with time as fragments and artifacts and recollections are found, collected assembled.

25      1985, Tanzfabrik, Berlin (West)
Livio      1986, Katoraum, Berlin (West)
Spring      1986, K.G.B. Klub, Berlin (West)
Pillow Piece      1986, Tanzfabrik, Berlin (West)
Black Monday      1987, Front Kino, Berlin (West)
Hate      1988, Offenerkanal TV, Berlin (West)
Artichoke      1988, Gallery Sotodo, Potsdamer Strasse Berlin (West)
Inspiration      1988, Gallery Bou, Barcelona Spain
Winter     1988(?), Berlin (West)
1988, Fischbüro, Berlin (West)
Dog Rap       1988, Front Kino, Berlin (West)
Shopper      1988, Fischlabor Berlin (West)
1st comes Love I      1989Steinplatz Kino, Berlin (West)
1st Comes Love II     
1989, Böckler Park, Berlin (West)
Fun in Bars (duet)     
1989, Übü Theater, Berlin (West)
Telephone     1989,Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin (West)
Ulysses (Short Performance)     
1989, Hornstrasse 26, Berlin (West)
1989, Interconti Hotel, Berlin (West)
1989, Interconti Hotel, Berlin (West)
Growing Up     
1990, Tanzfabrik, Berlin (West)
On the Arcona     
1990, Ex n’Pop, Berlin (West)
Ninn Stories     1991, Galerie Bellevue, Berlin 
Fun in Bars (solo)     1991, Glerie Bellevue, Berlin
1991, Checkpoint Kino, Berlin 
1991, Checkpoint Kino, Berlin
All About Me, English in Six Steps     
1992, Künstlerhaus, Vienna Austria
Three Sisters     
1992, Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Play    (Long Performance)  1992, Friends of the Italian Opera, Berlin
Masterpieces of Art     
1993, Petrovski Blvd 12, Moscow
Dillquist (mit Sven Ake Johansson)    
1993, Podewil, Berlin
30 Reasons, Why I’m not a Child Anymore     
1994, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Five Bad Men    (5-Part Performance) 1994, Stükke Theater, Berlin
Story of Petrovski Bulvar 12      1994, Moscow
Finding Bodies       1995, Boudoir, Berlin
A Missing Person and Some Objét Trouvés  (Long Perf. Duet with Marie Goyette) 1995, Hebbel Theater, Berlin
Falling Tea Cups     1995, Institut Unzeit, Berlin
HAMLET.TXT     1996, Stükke Theater, Berlin
My Life as a Circus     1996, Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin
The Cherry Orchard     1997, Sperrgebiet Wünsdorf